Workable Workout APPS For Busy People

Workable Workout APPS For Busy People

Everyone aims to have a sleek body and healthy lifestyle but is it doable for people with busy and tough routine? With specially designed workout apps for busy people, it certainly is!

Staying healthy and fit is imperative for a long and healthy life and overall well-being. But a lot of people ignore this important aspect merely because their routine is hard and they hardly get time to invest in their own well-being. While it is true that time is a constraint, there are numerous easily accessible and kickass workout apps that helps people maintain their health and stay healthy.

These fitness apps are simply operated via your smart phone meaning that they go anywhere you go allowing you to include exercise, fitness advice, calorie check and healthy eating tips into even the smallest vacant windows of time. The best part of these workout apps is that they are available on the app store free of cost. Your healthy version awaits you, just choose the best app suiting your requirement, download and start the process of being healthy today. For your ease, we have narrowed down a list of workable workout apps for people with busy routines.

  • Couch to 5k

This app marks itself as the best available app for beginners. This virtual training app will motivate you and get your feet on the ground to exercise much faster than any other app. This app is organized in a way that the levels of 30 minutes workout extends from low to high. This app allows you to go from 0 to a whopping 3.1 miles within just 9 weeks.

The app also has in-app voice commands helping a user through intervals of jogging, walking and running. Your smart phone’s GPS will track your route and after you have completed, the app presents a detailed report showing progress. The app’s user-friendly interface and motivational reminders make this app the best one to set a goal and achieve it.

  • 7-minute workout

As the name suggests, this app provides the user full-body high-intensity training (HIIT) workout that can be completed in just 7 minutes. This app provides verbal instruction about how to do the exercises so that you don’t have to keep staring at your phone and focus on exercising. But if you are unsure about any exercise, the app includes detailed description and videos demonstrating how to properly perform the exercise. Such workout apps are extremely feasible for busy people who can not hit the gym every day. Such exercises help them to stay on track and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Fitness Fast

If you are person who gets motivated with results and outcomes, then this app is the best choice for you. Choose a workout for yourself from the collection or quickly choose exercises and make a custom workout to target specific muscles or limbs. The app possesses a session timer and rep counter that allows a user to stay focused and keep workouts efficient with rep recommendations customized to each individual’s body. You can upload a photo of yourself which syncs to the calendar and helps you see your progress over time. This app allows you to monitor your progress using elegant, detailed graphs using reps, sets, inches, weight, calories and BMI.

  • Peleton Cycle

Do you adore indoor cycling but cannot join a studio class because of your extremely busy and tiresome routine? Worry not, with Peleton cycle you can join live cycling sessions so its like you are present at a studio without actually being there. Amidst different workout apps, this one works best for people who prefer cycling as their primary workout. The exercise is, however, not only limited to cycling. The app also allows exercises for abs and arms to yoga and stretching, etc. With Peleton cycle, you can decide the length and intensity of your workout yourself.

  • 8FIT

8Fit does justice to its tagline i.e. ‘fitness for the rest of us’. This app provides exercises for everyone as it has an extremely customizable interface that allows people to choose the best for themselves. 8Fit allows you to enjoy a complete control of your healthy lifestyle by presenting everything from workouts to healthy recipes. Once you have successfully chosen your goal (workout, muscle building, toning or more), the app will determine your fitness level and will present a customized workout plan for you. So, if you are too busy to think about different exercises or healthy lifestyle, download this app and let 8Fit do all the thinking for you.

  • Grokker Yoga, fitness and cooking videos

If you like variety and loathe doing the same thing every day, then this app might be the best solution for your needs. There are multiple yoga and other fitness-class style videos available in the app. If you do not seem to like any of the videos, the app also offers suggested videos that you may like. The app has a built-in scheduling feature that allows you to schedule a specific workout at a specific time in the day.

  • Argus

This app is the ultimate solution for a fitness freak. It tracks anything and everything to help you stay on track and stay healthy. Argus turns your phone into a complete fitness monitor, automatically tracking your food, workouts, sleep, hydration, weight and other vital health components. The app then transforms all the data into detailed graphs to improve overall wellbeing. This app can even reveal sleep patterns and other health aspects that might go unnoticed otherwise.

The idea of fitness apps is gaining grounds rapidly and increasing number of people are utilizing these apps in their routines. Workout apps are proving to be extremely beneficial for people who are usually short on time in their daily life. These apps provide them assistance and works as a regulating body to keep them on track and help them achieve the fitness goal they have set for themselves. With workout apps, lead a healthy lifestyle and increase your lifespan noticeably even with your busy schedule.