Why Should You Go for Ionic App Development in 2018?

Why Should You Go for Ionic App Development in 2018?

For quite some time, it seemed like nothing could beat native apps. Smooth user interface, fast performance, independent of internet connectivity, native apps were the apple of everyone’s eyes.

The Hybrid app attempted to overthrow the native app off its throne – but it just wasn’t good enough.   The user interface was meh, its performance was unimpressive, and consumed computer resources to run.

Enter, Ionic platform, the game changer.

It is a decentralized software program that operates web technologies like CSS, HTML 5, and Sass to build hybrid apps.

Hybrid apps are witnessing an increase, and rightly so too. The Ionic framework has changed the face hybrid app development.

Here’s why you should go for Ionic app development in 2018:


  • Decentralized software program

Decentralized software program or open source software development kits are usually warned against because of their framework unreliability and tendency to break.  Yet, if you consult any Android app development company, they will give you the green signal for Ionic.


Because it breaks the open source framework stereotype.

Ionic is reliable, efficient, and excellent at mimicking a native app.

  • Angular

Our favorite bad boy, Angular, is a web application framework that is light, dependable, and easy to use. Ionic uses it to build the app structure – the reason why Ionic is open source yet reliable.

  • Ease for developers

Fellow iOS and Android app developers alike will vouch for us when we say this: developing the same app for different OS is an absolute nuisance. For starters, proficiency in two completely different languages is required.

Ionic spares Android app designers and iOS app designers from going through all this trouble.

Only one code is required to produce a cross-platform app. Developers can take a sigh of relief and relax.

  • Plugins

A plugin is a small piece of code A.K.A the magic wand, when waved at your app, will empower it to perform native app functions. Cordova plugins perform the magic trick for Ionic by enabling it to access the battery, camera, GPS, etc.

If you use Ionic app development, you can add multiple features and make your app a hoot!

Are you ready to build fast, smooth, and affordable hybrid apps?