Whether you believe it or not, the shape of a diamond says a lot about your personality. Getting the right diamond to match your character is important. Below is a list of different diamond shapes and what each represents about your personality:


It is the most popular Chocolate Diamond® shape and people commonly choose it for engagement and wedding rings. The people who are drawn to this shape are considered more romantic and traditional. Also, the Rounds cuts are known as the symbol of honesty and faithfulness.


Oval Chocolate Diamonds® are similar to the round ones and they also share similar properties. This shape indicates to fruitfulness, so there is a suggestion of fertility associated with the oval cut as well. The people who like this shape are really sweet, romantic and creative.


The name emerald is typically used because the square or rectangular shape is widely used on the gemstones. This shape reflects a clear persona, open style and shows depth in an individual’s character. A good sense of humor and clarity are the other qualities associated with this emerald shape diamond.


Marquise shaped diamonds reflects elegance and wealth. It is crafted by breaking an elongated oval shape that ends in two points cut specially to give it a larger appearance. Wearers of this shape tend to have anger issues. And, people associated with it possess a bad attitude and character trait problems. This shape holds great importance on wealth and status.


The heart-shaped diamond is self-explanatory is a symbol of pure love and devotion. It is for the hopeless romantic who believes that love can conquer all hatred. Also, the people who prefer it are a little sentimental and romantic who try to see the good in everything.


Pear-shaped diamonds reflects an interesting fusion of modernism and tradition. This shape is considered as a symbol of romance and love. The woman who prefers this cut over others is the one who appreciates traditional (old school) romance


It is another square-shaped princess cut diamond that showcases exceptional brilliance. The people who are drawn to this shape possess a strong personality and character. They always like to be admired and hold the ability to become the center of attention and never worry about making their point clear, to stand in the spotlight.


This particular shape holds a lot of shine and sparkle and the people who choose them also shine among all. This multi-faceted cut radiant shape shows a tendency towards fun and flirtation. Also, the women who dare to wear it, are not afraid to be different.


At first look, you will find a cushion shape diamond confusing. Because of the rounded corners, it is different from the regular ones. The cushion shape diamond comprises of 58 facets. It is also similar to a ‘pillow’ or ‘candlelight’ cut which makes it popular since the nineteenth century when the fashion was born in the media industry.  People attracted to this shape are a little bold and aggressive.