Mistakes You’re Making On Mobile Dating Apps; How To Stop Them

Mistakes You’re Making On Mobile Dating Apps; How To Stop Them

If life would have been a movie then meeting you’re perfect match would be as easy and simple as running into them or a chance encounter at a coffee shop where your orders get mixed up. However, in real life finding romance and the perfect life partner to spend your days with has become very difficult.

This is when dating apps come to rescue. Technology and dating now go hand in hand and have evolved into a dynamic pair when it comes down to finding you a partner. In today’s digital age, mobile dating apps have become a big part of our culture, and the use of technology has led people to meet their romantic partners that may live on the other side of the globe.

However, many people find adult dating apps hard to use, and most of them do not get the hang of it. This lack of understanding has led users to make many mistakes when it comes down to building their profiles and using this application.

Mentioned below are some common mistake users make when using these mature dating sites and how these mistakes can be fixed.

  • Not Writing A Proper Bio

Many people think that if they keep their bio empty and not write anything, then this will make them look mysterious and aloof. In reality, this only makes you look incredibly boring, and you are giving your potential partner a chance to just ignore your profile and move forward.

Keep in mind that it does not matter how pretty or attractive you look because if you haven’t written a single word on your adult dating apps bio than most people will not be interested in you.

  • Just Writing Your Height

With the buzz going around taller people, many of these tall guys prefer on writing their height on their adult dating app to seem more desirable and cool. Some men think that women are crazy after guys only because of their height and this is where they are wrong.

By writing down your height, you are simply implying that height is all that you can offer in your relationship.

  • A lot Of Pictures

Just because these top dating apps allow you to upload a lot of pictures, this does not mean that you should. An optimum amount of pictures you should put must be around 4 or 5.

Most people have the tendency to go through each and every picture and then find the one picture that does not look good and reject you on its basis.

  • The First Picture Must Be Of Your Face

The first picture you upload must always be of your face so people can be sure of what you look like. Many users on these mature dating apps do not approve of you looking to the side or any other angle.

When using these dating sites, people are making a snap decision, and if your picture is too blurry or if you are standing in some faraway place then people are bound to reject you.

  • Post A Full Body Photo

Posting a photo that shows what you look like completely will definitely work in your favor. People will want to see your full body, and this will also save you from any stupid assumptions some users can blatantly make.

  • No Interesting Photos

Posting your photos is fine, but not all slots should be filled with photos of you and your body. You must post photos of you doing something interesting as this will make it easier for the person on the dating app to find things in common with you.

You don’t have to add pictures of you skydiving if you don’t have any; simple pictures such as playing the guitar or speaking in a debate competition will work as well.

  • Pictures With Other People In It

It is not recommended ever, to put pictures on these social dating apps along with your friends. People who use these dating apps think that you are showing off that you have friends and it makes you look as if you are trying too hard.

Sometimes some people may even prefer your friends, and this will just shatter your confidence. So make sure that you stay away from posting such pictures.

  • No Group Pictures

The same thing goes for posting group photos. You may assume that these group pictures will make you seem cool and sociable however this is far from the reality.

Most people think of group pictures as a waste of time as they are busy figuring out where you are and it is just easier to just reject you if your first picture is a group photo.

  • Pictures With The Opposite Sex

If you are a man and you post a picture with a lot of women or vice versa then be aware that this technique may backfire very badly.

You may assume that since these girls like me, others will too but this is not the case, and people find these pictures too intimidating and may end up rejecting you.

  • No Momentum

Once you math with someone and start a conversation try to sound interesting and not use any boring starters. Also once you are ready to move on to phase 2 which is dating then don’t lurk around to arrange a date as this will most likely make the other person lose interest.

It is advised that if you match on a Tuesday then make sure you have a date lined up next Tuesday and not later than that. If you make it late, then you lose momentum, and this might make you end up as the last person on their list.



Once you avoid such mistakes and keep your profile updated on these top dating apps; you will make it easier for yourself to find a partner. Whatever you do on these best dating apps make sure to remain yourself and do not change anything about you to seem more fun or pretty.

Whoever is destined for you will love you for who you are and not who you are trying to be.