Is Chocolate Diamond Made From Chocolate-Busting The Common Perfection

Is Chocolate Diamond Made From Chocolate-Busting The Common Perfection

Capturing the market by storm, chocolate diamonds are one of the rarest diamonds in the world. They also occur in a much affordable price than other natural color diamonds. Since chocolate diamonds are sold only by Le Vian, the specialty lies in the hands of the best jewelers of the world.

As the name suggests, is chocolate diamond made actually from chocolate?

Well, not really! Chocolate diamonds have got nothing to do with chocolate. They are brown colored diamonds that occur in a lower price than white diamonds. As only Le Vian produces these chocolate diamond jewelries, they ensure that the quality is impeccable and the design is unique.

What actually are chocolate diamonds?

Also known as brown diamond, chocolate diamonds are used in rings, watches and all other sorts of jewelries. The color results from a mixture of 3 different elements i.e. hue, tone and saturation. Endless number of people are buying these diamonds to increase their collection of unique jewelry pieces, regardless of the price.

Why are they called Chocolate Diamonds?

In the year 2000, Le Vian Corporation registered chocolate diamond as a trademark. They began this as a new product in their range of diamonds. Although generally, brown diamonds were considered to be inferior to white diamonds, 5% of brown diamonds are rarer.

Eddie Le Vian loved dark chocolates and therefore, termed their version of brown diamonds as chocolate diamonds. The diamonds come from Australia’s Argyle diamond mine where majority of the world’s brown diamonds occur naturally. These diamonds are also found in Borneo, Brazil and Central Africa in small quantities.

Why people buy chocolate diamond jewelry?

Because of the affordable price of Le Vian’s chocolate diamonds, they have become the go-to diamond of every female. Increasing number of people are now opting for this form of diamond for their engagement, wedding, etc. The jewelry can be customizable in an affordable price. The best part of chocolate diamonds is that they add a different color to the collection.

Chocolate diamonds have also become the preferred choice for couples to get married over a diamond promise who otherwise would not be able to afford other diamonds. These diamonds possess sparkle and glow like diamonds but do not cost an arm and a leg, enticing right?

Are chocolate diamonds rare?

Industry experts, the Natural Color Diamond Association (NCDIA) and the Gemological Instititue of America (GIA) claim that brown diamonds are rare. According to the NCDIA, 1 of every 10,000 diamonds mined is a natural colored diamond. There exists a misconception that brown diamonds are common, however, the statement is not true. Amongst the fancy color diamonds, all of which rarely occur, natural fancy brown colored diamonds are common amongst the rare.

Where can you find chocolate diamonds?

Get the best chocolate diamonds jewelry from the pioneer itself, Le Vian produces unique designs and beautiful cuts deploying the best quality chocolate diamond. With our bespoke jewelry, speak volumes and become unique.