What You Need To Know About Chocolate Diamonds

What You Need To Know About Chocolate Diamonds

If you happen to be a big fan of the Le Vian The Chocolate Diamond Jewelers Company, then you will love the Royal Collection that Le Vian has put together, it is some of the finest picks from the best designer from Le Vian. The terminology “royal” simply means of someone having the status of a King or a Queen or someone whom is part of the royal family. Le Vian’s Royal Collection is an example of what perfection means to the Le Vian family, the collection portraits originality, uniqueness, creativity and is a collection in which every Le Vian fan should own!

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The 3 Stones

The 3 Stone combination style chocolate diamond rings are one of the most popular demands in the market nowadays. The combination of chocolate diamonds, colorless diamonds and wondrous stone elements like Morganite, Blue Berry Sapphire, and Aquamarine makes the perfect party-eye-catcher. You can select from two different association elements, which are strawberry gold and vanilla gold. Let have a closer look at some of them…

The Sapphire Rush

The handpicked Sapphire collection is one of the best collections that any Sapphire lover would want to get their hands on… The beautiful Sapphire gems have associated to 89 different styles of jewel wear, making it the best “blue” jewelry set as part of your La Vian jewelry collection. Here are a few surefire designs that has made the top picks;


Looking for that perfect gift for “her”, or maybe you just want to show and express how much you appreciate them in your life? The Tiara collection is associated to designs that displays significance, elegance, detailed and is beautiful enough to make her feel like she is a princess. Here are the top picks that has made the list;

Demi Halo

Le Vian’s Demi Halo collection are wondrous designs that offers halo spaces through the design, appearing as if there are multiple rings on a single ring. The unique design makes it the perfect gift for just about any type of occasion. Generally they are idealistic to be worn to a ball party! Let’s have a look at the top 6;

Cushion-Cut Chocolate Diamonds

Lastly, the Chocolate Diamonds collections is the perfect set that represents what La Vian is all about and what they stand for! Get the best jewelry design for your Chocolate Diamond, dressed in 14ct strawberry or vanilla gold ring. Select from a wide selection of more than 66 different types of designs that would best suit your occasion. Each brown diamond is vitally inspected before it becomes part of the chocolate diamond wonder. If it isn’t graded by Le Vian graders, then it’s not a chocolate diamond! Here are the top 6;

For a full view of the La Vian Royal Collection, you can view them at Key Jewelers. With this Royal Collection that La Vian has unveiled, we just can’t wait to see what the designers at La Vian has in store for us this time around in 2019!

To learn more about the La Vian Royal Collection, simply visit our website and ask us for a free Royal Collection 2018 catalogue and get exclusive insights on the diamond industry!