Here Is How Professionals Clean Your Diamond Jewelry

Here Is How Professionals Clean Your Diamond Jewelry

Dirt, oily buildup, and atmospheric pollution, in general, can very quickly tarnish the luster of your sparkling jewels. Under normal circumstances and with appropriate care, this should not happen very frequently, but considering atmospheric pollution levels the case is usually otherwise. We have already discussed how you to clean your wedding jewelry at home in previous posts. But when you take it to the jeweler’s, how do they clean it? Learn how a professional cleaning process is different from yours.

Short answer: ultra-sonic jewelry cleaners

Ultrasonic cleaning machines have been around for a while now. They were first used on a commercial basis in the ‘60s as the technology started to improve. These professional-grade cleaners make use of sound frequency in the ultra-sonic range which is inaudible to human ears.

How do these ultrasonic cleaners work?

The function of these cleaners is not very hard to understand. Water and a solvent are put in the machine and nicely mixed. The jeweler will then put your precious jewelry in this mixture and shut the lid. The machine will be switched on. The machine converts electrical energy to ultrasonic sound waves through a transducer. These sound waves create bubbles in the water that target the dirt and oil particles clinging to your jewelry and knocks them off.

The size of these bubbles depends on the frequency of the sound waves emitted; for gentle cleaning purposes, a high-frequency sound wave will be used and vice versa. Although, to an observer, none of this would be visible.

The jeweler will probably adjust the cleaning time according to the size of the jewelry. As is obvious, a smaller piece will take a shorter amount of time.

Once the machine has stopped, the liquid will be automatically drained – or a jeweler might do it depending on the model. Your jewelry has now been professionally cleaned and is now sparkling brightly more so than ever.


Upon reading how an ultrasonic cleaner works, you might be thinking professional jewelry cleaning is a relatively simple process. While that is true, only an experienced professional or a jeweler should do the cleaning. It is highly recommended to not do it yourself at home even if you find an ultrasonic cleaner for as little as $40.


The primary concern stems from the cleaning mechanism of the machine itself. A professional cleaner will change the cleaning set to a frequency that does not dislodge the stones in your jewelry. Doing it at home means you run the risk of loosening some of the smaller stones held by beads from their place – like in a pave’ setting. Chances of this happening the first time are low, but over time you could end up losing that gorgeous Chocolate Diamonds® inlaid in your engagement band.

If you want to clean at home, it is recommended to do so with soap and warm water. Otherwise, get your ring annually cleaned from a professional. They will also make sure none of the stones are loose.