Chocolate and Vanilla: A Classic Diamond Trend That Is Coming Back

Chocolate and Vanilla: A Classic Diamond Trend That Is Coming Back

Chocolate Diamond® trends have come and gone over the nineteen years since they were launched. The popular culture surrounding these diamonds has been all over the internet as of late. However, what people do not talk about that often is the chocolate and vanilla ombré that put these diamonds on the map.

The Launch of Chocolate Diamonds®

These infamous gemstones were initially launched as jewelry in 2000. They were coined as “Chocolate Diamonds®” and thus began a new brown jewelry line. Supplied by Rio Tinto this launch was advertised to the masses in an expensive and long campaign. By the year 2014 the number of people who searched for Chocolate Diamonds® online was up to 400,000 times a year, and growing.

Vanilla Gold Collections

One of the most popular collections from the early stages of the Chocolate Diamond® fad was the vanilla gold. This featured a pave set of beautiful diamonds in the ombré vanilla gold. These vanilla diamonds were an elegant type of Chocolate Diamonds® that paved the way for newer and bolder pieces and lines. However, since the focus of 2019 is going back to essential style, the vanilla gold is more in demand than ever. This was the turning period for the Chocolate Diamond® trend which introduced clusters, hearts and even flowers in the jewelry line.

How Vanilla Gold Is Made

It is known that diamonds get their color by how they are initially formed. A different element can get blended into the carbon structure to alter the color of the stone. An example is boron, which gives diamonds a bright blue color. If it is found near a natural source of radiation then the diamond will appear green. In the same way the vanilla gold Chocolate Diamond® is an experiment of the different ways these facets are placed. They are not overly dark brown, they allowed light to penetrate and reflect back in a gorgeous manner.

Introducing Strawberry Gold

The demand for Chocolate Diamonds® was significantly increasing in 2004. Due to the success of the vanilla gold there was a new take on this stone. During the period of 2005-2009 there was the development of the strawberry gold diamond. This was a softer tone pink gold that complemented a range of smaller items. Following the pattern of the chocolate vanilla, this led to more cravings for these jewels.

Taking it to the Red Carpet

Following the popularity of the vanilla gold, the Chocolate Diamond® went mainstream. Celebrities started to take notice and opted to adorn these colored diamonds for events. In 2018 the Chocolate Diamond® made it to the Red Carpet for the Grammys. A $130,000 Chocolate Diamond® necklace and $16,000 Chocolate Diamond® earrings were worn by iconic musicians Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez. Their value was increased massively after this change.

The Vanilla Gold Collection Today

The value of Chocolate Diamonds® is going up from the time these stones were first found. Since their discovery the vanilla gold diamonds have always been coupled with the idea of engagement rings and anniversary presents. With the nature of love attached to these items, the collection is making a comeback from the early 2000s in a full circle with their muted elegance and fiery undertones.