5 Diamond Engagement Ring Types to Make Her Say “Yes” instantly

5 Diamond Engagement Ring Types to Make Her Say “Yes” instantly

Are you all geared up to take your beautiful relationship to the next level by proposing your lady love? If yes, then several thoughts may have occupied your mind. First of which is how to get the perfect ring that your girl loves and that makes her say ‘yes’ to the proposal in a blink. The key is to research and choose the style that would suit your girl perfectly. When you have finally decided upon a romantic setting to propose, begin your research for finding the right ring suiting your budget. Below mentioned are 05 engagement ring types to help you get a ring that makes sure the girl of your dreams accepts the proposal instantly:

Rose Gold Engagement Ring

A rose gold band marks as an excellent way to add uniqueness to a conventional ring design. When it is paired with a round-cut diamond, it comes off as a desirable ring that catches everyone’s attention immediately.

Oval Engagement Rings

Oval engagement rings are very popular amongst all the brides because of the style and the charisma it provides. The design offers everything a girl could want- it’s classy, it’s elegant and it’s unique. Oval cut diamonds look best when paired with a thin halo rose gold band.

Vintage Style Engagement Rings

To get the vintage style engagement ring, you will either have to get it custom-made with an antique polish or get an inherited ring revamped. Vintage style rings offer class and an understated look without a bank-breaking price tag.

Modern Metal Engagement Rings

A great number of women love modern metal engagement rings because they are unique and different. To ensure uniqueness, try a different metal such as palladium. The metal is modern alongside being precious and sophisticated. Palladium is also hypoallergenic which makes it the best option if your lady has a sensitive skin.

Chocolate diamond rings

Girls are going gaga over this type of colored diamond. Chocolate diamonds give a beautiful touch to your style and help you stand out. People are being inclined towards this type of diamond because they are different and unique and possess a variety of different designs to choose from. These rings are very delicate and suit every wearer’s hand. Le Vian corporation extracts their diamonds from the Argyle mine in Australia after a careful extraction process. Therefore, the quality of their diamonds is just exceptional. If your girl is fun, classy and loves quirky things, this type of ring is the best option for her.

Le Vian Corporation’s Exquisite Designs

Gone are the days when girls only wanted to get engaged with a white diamond ring. Nowadays, the trend has changed significantly, and people are experimenting with their engagement ring choices with beautiful chocolate diamond engagement rings. These rings ensure a mix of elegance and modern sophistication. Because of the unique designs and the brilliant color of the chocolate diamond, they have become the go-to choice for every woman out there.