10 Reasons Why You Should Become An Udely

10 Reasons Why You Should Become An Udely

  1. It keeps sellers and consumers connected

This delivery driver app is unique in the sense that it keeps both consumers and sellers in touch through its dual connection map integration. Throughout the delivery service consumer can track the Udely’s location and prepare to receive the package accordingly. Likewise, the seller can also remain connected with the customer.

  1. You are an independent contractor

Don’t want to be tethered to one place? Don’t worry; this is one of the biggest motivators for to-b entrepreneurs.

Become an Udely! With us, you will be an independent contractor and work for yourself. You get to the freedom to manage your own self and become your own boss.

  1. Work whenever you want

One of the biggest perks of launching your own business is you get to set your own schedule and save time. We provide you the same flexibility with our package delivery app. Launch your service on our on-demand delivery app and work whenever you want.

  1. Sell whatever you want

As long as you provide material services, we have got a place for you. So whether it is a gas delivery app, food delivery service app, liquor delivery app, flower delivery app, – or whatever product you want to launch with our app, we have your back.

  1. You get paid for your delivery

You get to be your own delivery driver and receive your own payments. With our platform, you can avail the delivery driver app benefits too. Perform deliveries according to your itinerary and get paid instantly; it is as simple and straightforward as that.

  1. We do not take a percentage of what you sell

You keep what you earn. We do not take any portion of your sales. With us, you truly get to be your own boss because we do not control your schedule, products, or income.

  1. We keep you notified

Our app runs in the background and keeps you notified about what orders customers are placing and what you can fulfill. You remain updated on what happens around you.

  1. We direct customers to you

The goal of our delivery app is to direct customers towards your product. Since we work to facilitate you, you will never run out of customers to service. Accept orders and service your customers.

  1. Perform instant deliveries

We realize many businesses provide perishable items that must be delivered as soon as possible. If you are such a business, you will love our on-demand service. Deliver your perishable item to the customer that very day and never worry about spoilage.

  1. Above all…WE LOVE STARTUPS!

We hope we must have noticed by now that we love and support small businesses. Our platform is designed carefully to cater your small business.